Seniors Mobility

New Senior Mobility Vehicle 


  • Low cost transportation is provided to seniors on weekdays. The financial support for this program comes from a variety of sources. The ride fee provides approximately 1/3 of the program income, with the other portions coming from a combination of service club donations, fund-raising, and support from the city and the provincial government. The service is available to anyone who is 55 or older
  • Total confidentiality for the seniors while in the care of the program
  • A friendly and courteous driver who is always ready to lend a hand when necessary
  • A vehicle that is smoke-free and clean at all times
  • Affordable transportation for anyone over the age of 55 who is not wheelchair bound
  • The Senior Mobility car is a smoke-free vehicle and is kept clean at all times. The driver is friendly, courteous and always ready to provide assistance if needed. To ensure organization of the program, the service makes use of a two-way radio to maintain good communication between the dispatcher and driver.
  • For More Information , Please contact – 306-782-4151
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