The Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors

SIGN Mission, Vision and Values

SIGN’s Mission: Empowering children, families and individuals to achieve lifelong success through programs and services that build strong children, strong families, and strong communities.

SIGN Services

We offer many programs that help our community.

Community Partners

There are also many programs that are not run by SIGN but are still housed under our roof.

Welcome to SIGN

SIGN’s Values: Respect for all We respect each other as individuals and respect our organization and everyone we provide services to. Excellence We strive to provide the best possible governance of the organization and the highest quality programs and services to the community. Integrity We are open, transparent and honest in all of our interactions and in a manner consistent with our values and beliefs. Compassion We care about the wellbeing of the people we work with and those we serve in the community. Inclusivity We will welcome everyone and embrace diversity in our organization and with the services we provide. Leadership We engage the communities we serve and facilitate community-based solutions.