The Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors

SIGN Mission, Vision and Values

SIGN’s Mission: Empowering children, families and individuals to achieve lifelong success through programs and services that build strong children, strong families, and strong communities.

SIGN Services

We offer many programs that help our community.

Community Partners

There are also many programs that are not run by SIGN but are still housed under our roof.

Welcome to SIGN

The Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors has some exciting news to share! Beginning August 3, 2016, SIGN will be running a free 10-week pilot project, providing a walk-in counseling clinic at the SIGN on Broadway facility, Room 135 (345 Broadway Street West). There is direct access to the clinic’s reception from the east parking lot. The Walk-In Counseling Clinic will be very similar to the Walk-In Medical Clinic model. Each Wednesday and Thursday, from 12 PM to 8 PM, free counseling services by a qualified counselor will be provided on a first come-first serve basis. SIGN Walkin